Mangrove Tour, Roatan Honduras

If you are looking for a cool way to learn about Roatan’s eco system with a little history thrown in, then the mangrove tour is a must.  Mangroves are a collection of salt tolerant trees.  Their roots shelter many species of animals that benefit the coral reef. They also prevent erosion and protect coastal inhabitants from hurricanes.

This boat tour will leave from Oak Ridge- a fishing village made of a colorful patchwork of homes dramatically reflected in the still waters of the bay. Picturesque Pandi Town is straight across the water on the opposite shore.  The history of these towns is as colorful as their water-hovering homes.  Pirates would frequent these waters for a number of reasons that become obvious as you make the tour.  Fresh water was available from a deep aquafer, the mangroves provided shelter from storms, and of course these salt loving trees, provided a handy hiding place for the pirate pillagers- from both their victims and their pursuers.  Where you have pirates you have sailors looking for these scoundrels of the sea.  It is widely believed that Horatio Nelson, famous for defeating Napoleon in the battle of Trafalgar, visited these very waters in 1780.

So take a tour, maybe a dip and even lunch at the Hole in the Wall café.  It’s the best way to learn a little history and have great fun.

Plan your mangrove tour:

Drive to the taxi boat dock in Oakridge. (You can do this with a rental car or hire a tour guide)  Edier will be glad to help if you are staying at L’Alize. Choose one of the many taxi guides waiting to take visitors on their boat.  Secure the price ahead of time.  Let them know if you want to stop to swim or stop at the Hole in the Wall Cafe.  Alfredo or Emeral will give you a fun tour. (Price:$15/person)  If they do a great job, tipping is appreciated.


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