L’Alize: A Roatan House Rental With A Personal Touch


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L’Alizé distinguishes itself from many Roatan house rentals in that we have a small, full time staff onboard. Striving to be one of the best vacation rentals available on the island, we employ our team to enhance the ambience of our luxurious property.  Their service is key to the overall package of L’Alizé by giving our guests the little extras that make a vacation more relaxing and worry free.

If solitude is what you crave, our staff understands and will be hardly noticeable.  Tasks such as cleaning the pool or servicing the bedrooms can be rescheduled to take place while you are away.  Our staff recognizes the need for privacy, especially while on vacation, and can easily fulfill their duties while remaining unobtrusive.  At the same time, they will be available when needed and will be happy to serve you.

If you like more interaction with genuine locals or need any help around the property, our team is happy to assist.  By letting us know ahead of time what kind of service you prefer, we can tailor our service levels to what you deem appropriate.  Whether you would rather remain completely undisturbed, favor a bit of help or prefer a fully serviced holiday we are willing and able to accommodate.

Everything You Need To Enjoy Your Roatan Vacation

Edier (also known as Eddie) is our capable groundskeeper who will tend the pool and rake the beach each day. He will maintain the grounds and is a great handyman in case there are any repairs that are required or if the backup generator needs to be employed.  Edier is also our resident chauffeur and will gladly take you and your group to pick up supplies, dine in the nearby restaurants, visit the beaches or transport you to wherever you need to be.  Edier will also be the one to welcome you upon your arrival at the airport and bid you a fond adieu when you leave.

Sulma is our housekeeper and will clean the house 3 times weekly or on whatever schedule you see fit.  If you need laundry washed, she is glad to do that too.

We at L’Alizé deem ourselves as one of the premiere Roatan house rentals.  We aim to please and our in-house staff is our frontline to ensure that your needs are met. Get in touch with us to let us know how our team can help provide a fabulous holiday for you and yours.